Maranatha Children Homes – Beginning

I had a great desire to help the orphan, poor, and needy children in India. But I did not have the financial support. I and my wife were praying to God to help us. Then I have received a check for $ 3,000 from a friend in Norway saying that a man walked into his office with an envelope stuffed with 20,000 Norwegian Kroner and said that God spoke to him to send that money to Brother Moses for the Children Home in India.

I have taken 22 boys into my house in my native village and started the Children Home in 1982. Not knowing where I’d get the money to raise those boys for the rest of the year, I took them in. My widowed mother did the cooking for two years as we couldn’t afford hiring a cook. The picture on the right is the first Children Home in the native village of Pastor Choudary.

Faith in God for support!

We look unto God to supply the needs in the ministry. Sometimes we do not have money that we cancel non-vegetarian food and clothing to cut down on expenses. We have learned to adjust with whatever we have – to feed, clothe, and educate the children. We have nearly 270 boys and girls today in four Children Homes. Some kids are orphans with no parents, some without mothers and some without fathers, and some with parents but very poor or disabled to feed the kids.

About School

We hired teachers for school until April 2000. But we closed it since the kids do not get any exposure to the outside world as they live and go to school in the same building. They also play there as we do not have ground. We are sending them to another school where they get better education. We want to give them more than food and clothing by teaching them discipline, good values of life and education to make them better citizens and stand on their own feet.

Children’s interests: The boys love to play cricket, shuttle badminton etc., and girls like skipping with rope, throwing ring, and games like Carom Board, Checkers etc. All of them love to ride bikes. The children love to go to seashore (beach), parks, Historical places and big cities. They get so excited when we buy new clothes. We buy the material and hire a tailor to bring his sewing machines and staff to make dresses in our premises. It is cheaper this way than buying ready-made clothes.

The children are very happy in our Homes. It takes a few months for us to see smile on the faces of some kids after we take them into our Children Home. The poverty has left its indelible mark on some kids. The children learn to sing, dance and participate in extracurricular activities. Some do very good in school that they make high ranks. Several of them have been saved. They pray for their sponsors continuously.

 I am very happy that I could play a little part to raise the orphan, poor, and needy children in India and help them come up in life. We teach Bible-based values that will guide them in every aspect of their lives. I can do this service only because of generous people like you, who contribute to our Children Homes. I always teach them that they should help their surviving family and help other kids when they are grown and settled in life and career.



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