Fruits of the Ministry


The  Children Home was started in the year 1982 by Pastor Moses Choudary after returning from the United States with a call and burden for the poor and needy  children in India with the aim of raising them for God and country. Started in  1982 with 22 boys, the children home ministry has grown into 4 children homes taking  care of about 270 boys and girls now. Some of the children have grown into  responsible citizens empowered with the good quality education and most  importantly the value systems that they can build their lives upon.

  1. Dr. Prabhakar Tumpati, MD, was one of the first 22 boys when we started the Children Home in 1982.  He won 2 gold medals in his school of a 1000 students as the Academic Champion. He got a rank of 127 in EAMCET, an admission test taken by 50,000 students, to go to Osmania Medical College in the city of Hyderabad.

    After his graduation from Osmania Medical College, he was working as a doctor in India and in the country of Norway for a few years before moving to the United States. He was saved by the Lord as a teenager in our ministry in Vijayawada. He is married to an MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) woman living in the USA.  He is currently a practicing physician in the field of Sleep Medicine, Bariatric Medicine, Internal Medicine and is the founder of W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America. He lives in the city of Philadelphia with his wife and 2 children and is an ardent supporter of this ministry, and is the web master for this website.
  2. J. Ramachandra Rao got his MS (Electronic Engineering) from the University of Toledo, Ohio. He currently works for a reputed Hardware company located in Dallas, Texas, USA where he lives with his wife and son. He is the son of one of the pastors in our ministry. He got his B.Tech. from J.N.T.U. in Kakinada before coming to the US for further studies.
  3. B. Gopala Krishna has finished his M.C.A (Masters in Computer Applications) and been hired by Hughes Software Systems in the year 2000 with 250,000 Rupees (about $6,000) a year. He has sent his first gift of $400 to the Children Home. He was on a soft-ware project work in Maryland, USA for about 6 months in 2002.  Since November, 2003, he  works for the same company in Washington DC, where he lives with his wife and his daughter.
  4. Y. Sudhakar Rao  got his B. tech. (Electronic and Comm. Eng)  and is working as a lecturer in Vignan Engineering college in the city of Guntur. He secured the state 1st rank in the state of Andhra Pradesh and won a cash prize of 25,000 rupees in ECET. He was previously working for IBM with 330,000 Rupees (about $7,270) a year. This ministry has sponsored their education with your gifts. And Thank you for your partnership!
  5. Dr. Ramesh Killari has completed his B. Pt. (Bachelors in Physiotherapy) in the city of Hyderabad, India. He wants to be used by the Lord as a Physical Therapist. He has completed his Masters in physical therapy at the University of Central Arkansas,  USA.

    Some of the Fruits of the Ministry along with Pastor Moses Choudary.

  6. G. Samuel got his B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from J.N.T.U. in Kakinada. He latter started a computer Institute in Kakinada to train many software engineers. He is married and has a daughter.
  7. Pastor T. Jyothi Babu got his B. Th. and M. Div degrees in theology and is serving the Lord in the city of Hyderabad.           He was one of the first 22 boys that came to the Children Home. His father is one of the pastors in our ministry.
  8. J. Siva Kumar got a competitive rank in the entrance test called EAMCET in order to get in to a medical school. He is doing his 3rd year of M. B; B. S. from Andhra Medical College in Visakhapatnam. He wants to serve the Lord and Land as a doctor.
  9. G. Chandra Mouli grew up in the Children Home and is serving the Lord as a musician.
  10. B. David got a competitive rank of 390 in an entrance exam and did his Diploma in Electronics and Comun. Eng. from Masab tank Polytechnic in Hyderabad. He was awarded a merit award and a gold medal by the chief Minister of the state on Sept 6th, 2002.
  11. B. Bhushan Raju got his Diploma in Computer engineering in Gudlavalleru Polytechnic College and is getting his B.           tech in Visakhapatnam.

These are just a few of the fruits of the ministry of Maranatha Children Homes. Since its humble beginning in the year 1982, this ministry has helped hundreds of children get food, clothing, shelter, good quality education, and bible based value systems needed in life.

A dollar a day! What a privilege we have to care for and share our love to these kids!  It costs $30 a month on each child. It includes a child’s food, clothing, medical, maintenance, and educational expenses, and the utilities such as the electricity & phone expenses and the staff salaries such as two cooks, kitchen helper, doby to wash clothes, Warden. God’s kids like you make possible the ministry of Maranatha Children Homes. Dollar A Day, helps a kid. That’s not much! Is it?

If you are lead by the Lord to be a partner in this ministry by sponsoring a child for 1 dollar a day, you may contact us at the email address below for more information on the children waiting to be sponsored. You may send your checks to Maranatha Faith Ministries in USA and obtain tax deductible receipt for your gifts.

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