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Training youth for the ministry

Maranatha Bible School was started in 1984 with two year program to train the youth for the ministry. It got started in a facility with asphalt roofing and walls with bamboo mats in a place given temporarily by my Hindu uncle. In the beginning we had hard times as the floods hit our area bringing water into the school. The students had to stand in muddy water to have their meals.  There were hard times to feed the students. The young people of the area threw stones, broke the bulbs, and urinated into the faculty room. They, time and again, threatened to bomb the thing down. Thank God for HIS protection!   

The meager facilities and lack of money didn’t bother the dedicated students that they stayed on to finish the program. The Holy Spirit has shaped up their lives that some of them are doing great         in the ministry. In fact, some serve in our Executive Committee today. The school was moved in 1989 to our own buildings in Atmakuru Village outside the city. We now offer two and three year program – Diploma in Biblical Studies and Bachelor Of Theology. Since its inception, the school has trained hundreds of youth for the ministry in India. The school provides boarding, food and schooling free of cost and is supported solely by the voluntary contributions from sponsors like you.

We, however, had to sell the buildings in Atmakuru due to bad drinking water and poor location and also to bring the Bible School back into the city of Vijayawada. Thank God for HIS providence to build the following facility. 

The new building of Maranatha Bible School and Asram

The new building was dedicated in December 2001 to the glory of God and to train the youth. It has 20,000 square feet in two floors giving enough space for 100 students in the Bible School and 30 widows and destitute in Ashram.

The Bible School is reopened with 70 students for another year of training them for the un-reaped harvest. Fifteen students have graduated in 2001 and about 14 students have graduated and one into the fieldwork in 2000.   

The students go out to villages on weekend gospel invasions that have been a blessing to the new church-planters. They get real exposure and practical training for the ministry. It is exciting to see the lives of young men and women shape up for the Lord’s work.

The Holy Spirit is moving mightily touching and shaping the lives of these young men and women. Silas Siripurapu, the Dean, is leading them well. A student may be sponsored with a monthly gift of $30 to train for the ministry.  Dollar a day! Not much ! Is it ?



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