The ministry of Maranatha Visvasa Samajam was started in the year 1982 with a God given vision and strategy to reach the unreached  people groups in the country of India by Pastor Moses Choudary Gullapalli. Pastor Choudary, Founder – President of the organization, is a graduate of Lee college with B.S. and Church of God Theological Seminary with M.A. (USA). He has over 35 years of ministerial experience with a heart burning for the lost and poor.

God saved Moses Choudary out of Hinduism and idol worship and called him to penetrate the darkness of India with the good news of Jesus Christ. He was called to the state of Andhra Pradesh in India with Head Quarters in the city of Vijayawada. God has been using him to forcefully advance the Kingdom of God. He conducts crusades, planting churches, training young people for the ministry, raises orphaned and poor children to serve God & country, and caring for the elderly widows and destitute. Having established all these ministries based in Vijayawada,  Pastor Moses has moved, in obedience to God’s call, to Hyderabad, a city of eight million people, in the year 1999. He has been busy planting a church and doing Children Home ministry. He is in the process of opening a Bible School to train the native young men and women.

Maranatha Visvasa Samajam is registered with the Government of India and is licensed to receive foreign contributions. Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc. has been incorporated in the USA to support the ministries of Maranatha Visvasa Samajam. It is a tax-exempt organization with the mailing address at  Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc., 8582 Rye Patch Rd, NE, Lot.31, Ludowici, GA 31316. We are a Full Gospel Faith Community with about 110 pastors & churches, a Bible school, Four Children Homes with about 270 boys and girls in 4 places, and a Home for the Elderly Widows and Destitute.

Thousands of lives have been impacted and changed by the preaching of Pastor Choudary.  As he and his family were saved from idol worship, he is able to communicate the gospel effectively to the unreached caste groups in their culture context . His motto is raising people for God and country so that they can be better citizens serving the Lord and the land.

Impacting Lives

My TV programs weekly 7 times on 3 Christian Channels and three 24 x 7 News Channels are reaching and touching millions. I get many invitations but I can’t accept all the invitations to preach in India as my responsibilities don’t permit.

However, I have to call on pastors in The US for programs as they don’t know when I am in the US or my available dates. I feel much that I have to do that, but… I’ve been doing it in order to help the orphan & poor kids, widows, poor village pastors, and their kids. I need Nokia kind of people, The Connecting People.  Thank God for the pastors in The US and other countries like Norway who schedule me to speak in their churches and bless the ministries in India !! It is my sincere prayer that God would richly bless them !!!

Life becomes beautiful as its God-created potential comes out to touch others.

What else do we need in this life except that light in us shine upon dark spots of others !! I’ve experienced many hundreds of thousands of lives (if not a few millions) being impacted for better in my 45 years of ministry. What a privilege God has granted to this former Hindu that grew up in a village farming family !!!

Price and Value

Price & Value go together hand in hand. They are inseperable. Persecution has been a vehicle God used to spread His Gospel. This is the story of the Church in India even in these modern times. Price is less emphasized than prosperity in today’s pulpit ministry. Both are part of Christian Life but we should have them in balance. Thank God for balanced preachers who preach the Full Gospel !!

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