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Raising poor and needy children for God and Country.

There is a flabbergasting number of Orphans in the world, according to Unicef calculations in 2012 the number is 143 million, India has its contribution of 20 million and in South India has 3.628 million. There are more uncounted lives in the streets and they may not come under these calculations; they might be subjected to crime, human trafficking and child labor.

Moses Choudary, the founder-President of Maranatha Visvasa samajam had the vision for such kids. He had the passion but no money. However, he & his wife, Ammaji prayed to God to help them start a Children Home. Then, a letter came from his friend, Erling Maeland, in Norway with information of a poor man who came to his office with an envelope stuffed with 20,000 Norwegian Kroner saying that God spoke to him to send that money to Brother. Moses to help his Children Home. Moses Choudary never met the man till date. That amount was exchanged into 3,000 US Dollars and was sent in 1982.

Not knowing where he would get money to raise those boys rest of the year he started Maranatha Children Home (MCH) taking 22 boys into his own house in his native village, Kurumaddali, Krishna Dt, AP, India. The aim has been to raise the orphan, poor and needy children “for God and country”. His mother, Ruthamma Garu, had done cooking as Moses couldn’t hire a cook. God has graciously provided finances thru philanthropists who love and care for such kids that this ministry was expanded in number of kids as well as 3 Children Homes.

Maranatha Visvasa Samajam (MVS) operating 3 Maranatha Children Homes (MCH) is a non-profit, residential home for orphan and poor and financially backward children. Founded in 1982 at Vijayawada, India; children from all walks of religions, different socio-economic backgrounds and from across the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India. The dedicated, God-loving staff members are working for nurturing, educating and in raising these kids round the clock. Marantha Visvasa Samajam is now operating 3 Children Homes with 350 boys & girls in at Vijayawada, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam in two South Indian states where people speak in the same language called Telugu.

Do the children have right to live?

Yes, but unfortunately many children in India do not even have this basic right. Every day over 2500 newborn children succumb to diseases that are very much preventable if action is taken on time.

You may join Maranatha Visvasa samajam to help orphan & poor kids in its efforts to provide long-term sustainable initiatives for children that help them through all the stages of their life. We rely solely on contributions from donors like you. So imagine how crucial your role is in helping us take even a step forward.

Give a monthly donation and your love & care saves & builds the life of an unfortunate boy or girl. You may become a beacon of light giving hope for them.

MVS relies exclusively on voluntary donations from donors like you. This makes your contribution priceless. And we would like to thank you for your monthly donations. Save a life by pledging your support today.

To Donate now -- You may go to our website at www.moseschoudary.org to use paypal or send a check to Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc., 8582 Rye Patch Road, NE, Lot.31, Ludowici, GA 31316, (USA).

James 1:27 NIV –Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

What makes us distinct??

There are many organizations that are working but what makes us different is our vision and commitment to develop the under privileged children that they may become respectable citizens and that the resources in them would be used to help others. The distinction is our mission. Maranatha crew is working to make two things possible. First, preparing children as a prospectively potential future of this world; second, building lives for God to fulfill the great commission. We sincerely and earnestly stand on the word of God in raising kids. It is challenging, it is burdensome, it is pain-taking but it is God’s work sharing love and care for these unfortunate boys & girls. It also gives us a great satisfaction that we could play a little role in shaping up of these kids and helping them develop their potential and build their future.

The purpose of our Children Homes is not just for feeding but we give proper education, we encourage students in the fields that they are interested. We send them to good English Medium schools where all the subjects are taught in English except local language, Telugu. We train the boys & girls in hygiene, discipline, moral values to live by that they may grow mentally as well as spiritually. We not only support kids who are orphans and poor but also 135 rural kids who are financially backward. There is a moving story behind each child that came to our Children Homes. We have been able to help a few thousands for 32 years with the partners who sponsor children monthly.

Here are a few Heart Touching Stories!

We take new kids in the beginning of every school year in June as the 10th graders leave to go to colleges. We have taken a girl, Raji, of three years whose mother died three days after birthing her. Her dad has deserted her since she was a girl while taking his son with him. Now she didn’t have any parent. Her grandparents couldn’t take care of her after three years due to their old age and meager income. Her dad never came to see her. When they brought her we took her into our Children Home.

Prem Kumar’s dad beat his mother and tried to throw her in a well. His mother didn’t have any choice but to go back to her parents with two kids. Her problem was not settled, as their finances didn’t permit to feed them. She thought of killing her and kids so that there will be no problem. However, she found out that she could sell her kidney for 20,000 Rupees ($450 at the time). But the doctors found out that the other kidney was weak. Even though her life was endangered she took money in advance and sold it. As a pastor brought her son, Prem, we took him into our Home. We put him into Kindergarten with his birthday unknown.

Her family deserted a woman from Priestly Caste due to her marriage with a young man from another caste, as the inter-caste marriages are not acceptable to most people. After a boy was born to the couple the young man had left leaving his wife and son as orphans. It is rare that kids from priestly caste are into the orphanages. Who will care for him? Maranatha Children Home took him in.

The father of a five-year old girl from Lambadi tribe died of neurological decease and his mother has mental problem. What will happen to Bhargavi?? 

A woman from Fisherman Caste lost her husband and two children. The seasonal work she did brought around 60-75 Cents a day and could not feed herself, her mother-in-law, and her four-year old daughter. Who will feed the girl, Karuna???

Saumya, a four-year old girl, lost both her parents. Where will she go???? Somebody brought her to one of our pastors. What will he do with her but find a shelter where Saumya will be safe and experience genuine love? God’s people like you have partnered with us to operate Maranatha Children Homes where kids like these are very happy. However, there is always a need because of no sponsors for several kids.

I took Nalla sisters, Sunitha (nine) and Mounica (four), as their mother died with anemia and nervous problem. Their dad couldn’t provide good medical aid due to his meager income. The couple had accepted Jesus and became Christians from a so-called high caste Hindu family. Their conversion brought spiritual blessings but persecution from their caste people and relatives. The girls’ dad could not look after them as the relatives had deserted the family and asked us to help them. I took them into our Home.

We needed $10 a month for each child when I started Maranatha Children Home in 1982 and it has increased to $15 a month, and $20 a month, and $30 a month and now to $55 a month. Small children do not need this much monthly but older kids need more. So, it averages to $55 a month now. This increase is caused by price hike in everything. Your gift, US 2 Dollars a Day, helps a kid as it covers shelter, food, clothing, schooling, upkeep & medical expenses, and the salaries to the cooks and other immediate staff like wardens/managers working in Children Homes. Coke or Coffee a day in the Western countries!! That’s all!! Not much? Is it?

The stories behind the kids are heart-rending. Oh, this sin-sick world has caused so much pain and damage to even the innocent children. But Thank the Lord for giving us HIS burden to care for them and share HIS LOVE with them. Glory to God!!

Once we take a child into our Home we buy new dresses and send him/her to school. They miss their village for a while but seeing, being with, and playing with other kids they get acclimated. Once they get used they feel it is their home. They look healthy and absolutely beautiful. They don’t look poor anymore. Seeing these unfortunate boys and girls grow in years and maturity while getting good education makes us feel grateful to God for giving us this privilege of loving & caring of orphan & poor kids. They are excited and very happy. And we are very happy for them. Life is worth a living if we can share it to shape others especially orphan & poor.

We try to keep their connection with their surviving extended family members such as mother or father or grandparents, or uncle/aunt etc. in the school holidays. We keep the kids who have nobody to go with us in the Homes. We keep them in our homes or with some believers to give a family touch.

Most of the children do not have mother, father or both. They are taken into the Children Homes irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. They seem to be lonely upon their arrival to our Homes, but feel at home as they experience the love & care they receive. I do appreciate your consistent partnership to raise them for God & Country. I’d like to see them come up in life with Bible-based values as well as academics. I would be delighted for you to visit us in India to see the ministries you’ve been a part of.

Glimpses of daily Activities of the children

The children wake up at five o’ clock in the morning and go for devotion which lasts for half an hour. They have a study hour from six to eight o’clock and they have their breakfast after finishing their bath. The school starts at 9.30 AM for the morning session and ends at 12.30PM for lunch. They have break for one hour and again the afternoon session starts at 1.30 PM and ends at 4PM. From 4PM to 6PM they play games and sports. They have study hour from 6PM to 8PM. From 8 to 8.30 they have devotion. 8.30 to 9 they have night dinner. This is the usual schedule on week days. On Sundays they attend Sunday school classes at Maranatha Visvasa Samajam.

It takes about 20 years to see some kids grow up and get settled in life with career and family. I, Moses Choudary, may or may not be able to see that day. I am pleased that I could lay the foundation for this ministry so that my young lieutenants could carry on this ministry. It takes more than money to do this ministry -- A God-given vision & passion and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I am relying on the Holy Spirit to help me. We cannot continue these ministries without our faithful partners who share in our burden for the orphan & poor kids.

The School

We used to hire teachers and have class rooms in the Children Home premises. However, we chose to send them to good English Medium schools in order to give them better education and exposure. They all are in good schools in the cities of Vijayawada, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam. As a result several of our boys and girls have been studying in good colleges and universities of Arts & Sciences, Medical, Engineering, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Journalism, Polytechnic, and Nursing Colleges. Some have been academic champions winning medals in different institutions.


The Homes are assisted by a manager/warden, cooking staff (4 members), a washer-man to wash clothes in washing machines now or by hand and a scavenger to clean toilets etc. We have barbers come to our homes twice a month to cut hair for the boys and some girls. The children wear uniform for the school, usually with a different color each year. They wear color dresses for special occasions like their birth day, Christmas, New Year etc. They feel elated after wearing a new dress and will be very happy all day. They have double-decker cots with mattresses to sleep. Their academic curriculum includes Moral Science, General Knowledge, Drawing, English, Telugu, Hindi, Maths, Natural & Pysical Sciences, and Social Studies. They have fine arts and literary activities like debate, elocution, essay writing, singing, dancing/choreographing and different activities as such for occasions.

Picnics and other Field Trips – Times of fun with learning:
They usually go for picnics every year. It would be a good opportunity to have a lot of fun, to play and to have recreation. They enjoy the whole day playing different games, eating good lunch and having snacks and ice creams. This helps them to refresh their minds by coming out of a busy schedule of schooling and help them to get strengthened physically and mentally. Devotion is also a part of their daily curriculum even on their picnic days as it motivates and encourages.

Happy Children

The 350 boys and girls in 3 children homes are happy as they have a shelter, three meals a day, clothing, medical help, and schooling provided. We share the love of God and teach discipline and the Bible-based values of life. The children are exposed to the Word in their daily devotions, Sunday school in the local services, and Kids’ Revivals, and special prayer meetings. Raising them in the admonition of The Lord is the priority in our Homes.

Some fruits of Maranatha Children Home Ministry

  1. Dr. Prabhakar Tumpati, MD, was one of the first 22 boys when we started the Children Home in 1982. He won a gold medal in his school of a 1000 students as the Academic Champion. He got a rank of 127 in EAMCET, an admission test taken by 50,000 students, to go to Osmania Medical College in the city of Hyderabad. After his graduation from Osmania Medical College, he worked as a doctor in India and in the country of Norway for a few years before moving to the United States. He was saved by the Lord as a teenager in our ministry in Vijayawada. He is married to a dedicated young lady, Havilah, with MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) living in the USA. He currently practices Internal Medicine (Physician), Sleep Medicine and Bariatric Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where he lives with his wife and two kids. He owns a clinic in Brooklyn, NY, and another in Philadelphia. He has been also the webmaster for this website from the beginning. He supports the Children Home ministry.
  2. J. Ramachandra Rao got his B. Tech from JNTU, Kakinada, India, and MS (Electronic Engineering) from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. He currently works for a reputed Hardware company in Dallas, Texas, where he lives with his wife and son. He is the son of one of the pastors in our ministry. He supports the Children Home ministry.
  3. B. Raja Gopala Krishna has finished his M.C.A (Masters in Computer Applications) and been hired by Hughes Software Systems in the year 2000. He has sent his first gift of $400 to the Children Home. He was on a soft-ware project work in Maryland, USA for about 6 months in 2002. Since November 2003, he works and lives with his wife and his daughter & now a son in N. Virginia, USA. He supports the Children Home ministry.
  4. Y. Sudhakar Rao secured the state 1st rank in the state of Andhra Pradesh and won a cash prize of 25,000 rupees in ECET, which he donated to Maranatha Children Home. He got his B. tech. (Electronics and Comm. Engineering) and worked for IBM. Later he got his M. Tech from IIT, Chennai, and moved to Singapore to work for a German Company. He is presently doing his Ph. D in Engineering and hoping to be a professor in some university. This ministry has sponsored their education with your gifts. And thank you for your partnership! He supports the Children Home ministry.
  5. G. Samuel got his B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from J.N.T.U. in Kakinada. He latter started a computer Institute in Kakinada to train many software programmers. He has been married and lives in Vijayawada with his wife while working as an engineer.
  6. Pastor T. Jyothi Babu got his B. Th. and M. Div degrees in theology and has served as a pastor in the city of Hyderabad. He is presently pastoring 4 churches in his native area in Bhimadolu, WG.Dt, AP, India. He was one of the first 22 boys that came to the Children Home. His father is one of the founding members of our organization, Maranatha Visvasa Samajam.
  7. J. Siva Kumar got a competitive rank in the entrance test called EAMCET in order to get into a medical school. He got MBBS, MD from Andhra Medical College in Visakhapatnam, and now working on his DM (Fellowship) at NIMS, Hyderabad. He is a very dedicated young doctor to serve “the Lord and the Land”.
  8. G. David Raju did MBA and has been working as a professor in college. He is also working on his Ph.D. He has been one of the most faithful young men who has gone thru our Children Home and is involved heavily in encouraging & motivating our boys & girls at Vijayawada with his talent and experience.
  9. Chandra Sekhar Reddy grew up in our Children Home at Vijayawada. He did MCA (Master’s in Computer Applications) and worked as a software engineer in Pune, Mumbai, before moving to USA. He is now working as a software engineer and lives with his wife in Tampa, FL, USA. He supports our Children Home.
  10. K. Ramesh has completed his B. Pt. (Bachelors in Physiotherapy) in the city of Hyderabad and Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Arkansas, Conway, AR, USA. He currently lives in Detroit, Michigan, where he is doing a job. He will be married soon.
  11. G. Chandra Mouli grew up in the Children Home and is serving the Lord as a musician in the central church at Vijayawada.
  12. B. David did his B. Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering in Hyderabad, India. He was awarded a merit award and a gold medal by the chief Minister of the state on Sept 6th, 2002. He has been in Africa working as an engineer.
  13. B. Bhushan Raju from Lambadi Tribe got his Diploma in Computer Science in Gudlavalleru Polytechnic College and got his B. tech in Visakhapatnam.
  14. G. Bhanu Chandra did B.Com and took some software courses. He worked in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and presently good job in Hyderabad. He supports the Children Home ministry. He is one of the most faithful young men who grew up in our Children Home.
  15. G. Sankeerthana grew up in our Children Home at Vijayawada and did MBA in Hyderabad and worked in a highly reputed hospital until she got married. She now is taking care of her husband’s business in W. G. District.
  16. Deevena got B. Tech degree in ECE and working as an Engineer in Hyderabad. She got married and lives with her husband & son in Hyderabad.
  17. Ragini did B.Tech and later did M.tech and worked as a lecturer in an Engineering College in Visakhapatnam. She is now taking some extra courses in software to prepare her for better future. She is married and lives with her husband and son at Visakhapatnam.
  18. Ravi Kiran did M.Sc in Hotel Management. He is presently working in a star hotel in Shanghai, China.
  19. Laxmi. P, did Master’s Degree in Journalism and presently working in a 24x7 News TV Channel.
  20. Koteswara Rao did B. Tech in Sattupalli, Khammam District and M.S in UK and presently working in Birmingham, UK.
  21. K. Prasanth, a product of our Children Home ministry did his degree in Chartered Accountacny (CA) and became an auditor in a company in Hyderabad.
  22. N. Jyothi did MBA in Nallajerla, W. G. Dt and joined her husband in Birmingham, UK. They have a little boy. She is working part time in UK.
  23. G. Santhavardhan, a product of our Children Home did B.Tech at Geetham University at Visakhapatnam. He worked as a software engineer in Hyderabad and was transferred to Sweden to do a project for his company.
  24. Siva Reddy Gurram was helped by our Children Home ministry to do Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy in Eluru, AP, India, and went on to do Master’s Degree in Pharmacy in New Jersey Institute of technology in New Ark, NJ, USA. He, however, later chose to go into software programming for which he took courses. He is now working as a software programmer in Seattle, WA, USA. He supports the Children Home and a very faithful young man serving God.

These are just a few of the fruits of the ministry of Maranatha Children Homes. There are other girls who are working as nurses, multi-media and in other professions. They are genuine and intelligent young men and women. Since its humble beginning in the year 1982, this ministry has helped a few thousands of children get food, clothing, shelter, good quality education, and Bible-based values needed in life.

Two dollars a day!

What a privilege we have to care for and share our love to these kids!  It costs an average of $55 a month on each child. It includes a child’s food, clothing, medical, maintenance, and educational expenses, and the utilities such as the electricity & phones expenses and the staff salaries such as two cooks, 2 kitchen helpers, and dhobi to wash clothes, Warden etc. God’s kids like you make possible the ministry of Maranatha Children Homes. Two Dollars A Day, help a kid. That’s not much! Is it?

In the work that counts

G. Moses Choudary

Maranatha Visvasa Samajam Gayatrinagar, Vijayawada-10 Andhra Pradesh, India.

We do appreciate your sponsorship of a boy or a girl and become a partner in this ministry with $55 dollars a month. You may now donate online thru our website at www.moseschoudary.org and click on “donate”. You may contact us at the email address at pastorchoudary@yahoo.com for more information on the children that need sponsors. A Foto with information on a child will be sent to you. Or you may send your checks to Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc., 8582 Rye Patch Rd, NE, Lot.31, Ludowici, GA 31316 (USA) and obtain tax-deductible receipt for your gifts.

Hyderabad Children Home

This Children Home was started in the regional province of Telangana, which has now become a full-fledged state beginning on June 2, 2014. It is relatively poor and arid in climate. It is also one of the least evangelized states. The children home in the town of Zaheerabad was merged with the children home in Hyderabad.

This will comes under About us – Our Faith

Statement of Faith

We Believe:

In the verbal inspiration of the Bible which is infallible and authoritative word of God.

In one God eternally existing in three persons namely the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In the deity of Jesus. Christ his conception of the Holy Spirit, virgin birth, holy life, and that he died upon the Cross as the substitutionary sacrifice for the sins of the world and arose from the dead and ascended into heaven from where he will return with power and glory.

That all are sinners and that the forgiveness of sins and justification are wrought by repentance of sins and faith in. Jesus Christ.

In water Baptism’ by immersion.

In the holiness to be God’s standard of living for his people, and that true devotion (piety) which God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

In the baptism of the Holy Spirit with noticeable signs.

In miraculous divine healing and the Lord’s communion meal.

In the second coming of Jesus Christ, first, to resurrect the Righteous dead and catch away the living saints to him in the air. Second, to reign with saints in the earth for a thousand years.

In bodily resurrection, eternal life for the righteous, and eternal damnation for the unrighteous.



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