You can now donate to Maranatha faith ministries just by the click of a mouse!. No more bothering to send it by post, thank God for the new technology.

In order to enable friends and sponsors anywhere in the world to take part in the ministry, Maranatha Faith ministries has become a premium member with a business money transfer account at, the worlds leading online money transaction company. Paypal uses a secure money transaction interface and they make transfer of money on the web so simple. Anybody with an e-mail address can send and receive money thru paypal at prices lot cheaper than by any other means. You can be a member too just by filling a form.

You can still use the traditional method of paying to Maranatha Visvasa Samajam (Maranatha Faith Ministries), a christian charitable organisation registered with the Government of India and is licensed to receive foreign contributions.Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc. has been incorporated in the USA to support the ministries of Maranatha Visvasa Samajam. It is a tax-exempt organization with the mailing address at Maranatha Faith ministries, Inc. 8582 Rye Patch Rd, NE, Lot. 31, Ludiwici, GA 31316.We are a Full Gospel Faith Community with about 100 pastors, a Bible school, four Children Homes, and a Home for the Elderly and destitute.

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You can sponsor a child, an elderly person, or a bible school student online now. Do not bother to go to the post office, just do it online with the click of a mouse. We assure that it is highly secure as more than 50% of the web money transfers are done by Just follow the instructions after clicking the image link below! The money will then be transferred to our bank account at South Georgia Bank with account number 000 1800 and the routing number of the bank is 261291247. This is the mailing address of the bank – South Georgia Bank, P. O. Box 100, 401 S.Main Street, Glenville, GA 31427, USA. You can send your money to be credited into the above account.

If you donate online, the money will be transferred to our bank account which will further be bank transfered to our minsitry in India.

N.B: Choose new to Paypal if you do not have an account at You do not need to fill out item number (since you are not buying any product) but enter the other details.

We appreciate your generosity in advance and may God bless you richly! Click on the image link below and follow the instructions.

Tax Exempt Non-Profit Contributions

Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc. (MFM) is a non-profit organization with 501c3 coverage by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Your gift/donation will be used toward the specific ministry or area of work you've designated. All gifts and or donations by donors in the United States to MFM every year are tax-deductible as allowed by the law.

Contribution Statements

Contribution statements are mailed to the donors at the end of each year to the address on your check(s). Please make sure you send your correct mailing address to our ministry at Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc., 8582 Rye Patch Rd, NE, Lot. 31, Ludowici, GA 31316. We use the address on the check, if not otherwise specified. Thank you and may God Bless You Richly for your generosity!

Our US Federal Tax ID(EIN) for Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc. 58-2012468.


We thank you in advance.

may God bless you richly,

Moses Choudary Gullapalli

Maranatha Visvasa Samajam.



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