Ensuring the Peaceful Times

Caring for the elderly and destitute!
James 1:27 NIV – Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Maranatha Asram was started in 1993 in a rental building with a vision to provide care for the elderly widows and destitute. It is now located in the new building of Maranatha Bible School at Vijayawada, with 30 people now. We took an old beggar and ended up baptizing him after he got saved. We take abandoned widows, destitute, and those thrown out of their families due to their commitment to the Lord Jesus.
They are provided with food, clothing, shelter, and medical help etc, and most of all we share the love of God with them. You can sponsor a widow with $ 30 a month A couple, Krishna Kumari and Kutumba Rao, are doing voluntary service to the elderly people in Ashram. Their dedication has been a great blessing in this ministry.
Brahmam, a 38-year old mentally sick man (2nd from right on the top picture), was taken into Ashram. He was one of the first that was admitted into Ashram.

We had to discipline him as he ate brick pieces and sand. Thank God he is doing well now though out of his mind. We took some elderly widows in and served their needs before they died. We were privileged to feed and give a comfortable shelter to a 46-year old man for 26 days before he died due to acute Asthma. We were also privileged to serve a 102-year old widow who was a believer and bury her body after she left for her eternal abode. Some have got saved and been baptized in water.
The new building in Vijayawada was dedicated to the glory of God and to serve the elderly widows and destitute, and to train the native young men and women in the Bible School. It has 20,000 square feet in two floors giving enough space for 30 widows in Ashram and 100 students in the Bible School. We have already moved the Bible School and Ashram into the new facility.

We provide :

We aimed to serve nutritious food for the elderly, includes all vegetables, meat, and dairy products. We feed every day four times, tea and snack, and give seasonal fruits to provide healthy supplements through food. 

Our boarding is simple, a cot with mattress, pillow, and blankets. But, we maintain a hygiene atmosphere to give them the best place to reside and cherish new relationships. They share memories and old stories of how they lived.

Medical is another essential need for this age. Since many come from economically distressed and left as adult orphans on the streets because of irregular diet, their health is usually challenging. Occasionally their extended family will take care of those needs, and frequently we takeup that challenge. We meet hospital visits, broken bones, surgeries, allergies, and countless problems. We need more support in the proviso of more medical attention. 

A nursing home for the aged is where anyone can see more wisdom and more pain and rejection. The loved one's rejection is too hard to forget and to live by with it every day. We provide a family atmosphere to face the psychological challenges they go through. We have to build a home in the mango garden in a peaceful place to feel relaxed and live in a home away from home. Our staff will make sure that their needs are met and serve them as family. We give encouragements in multiple sessions and place some recreational events within the place to see and enjoy the time. 



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