Pastors Fellowship

Maranatha Pastors Fellowship is a Full Gospel Faith Community with about 150 pastors and church planters spread all over two states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India. 
The season from January through May being dry gives us an excellent opportunity to do public meetings in our state. We still have an open door despite opposition in some areas. Thank God for the privilege of preaching the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the DIVINE DUNAMIS changing men and women to bring them into the right relationship with God. It is gratifying to see God's family grow in numbers.
The virtue of God is going out to heal the sick as our pastors and churches are fasting and praying for them. A man with paralysis was healed. Another man whose hands and feet became so week that he could not walk. He was taken to medical doctors and witch doctors but not cured. When he was brought to the church, Jesus has miraculously healed him. He is now walking to attend the worship services. Doctors gave no hope to two young boys suffering from Yellow Jaundice, but God has healed them as our pastors prayed for them. A cancer patient, A tuberculosis patient, three epileptics were cured, and three demon-possessed people were delivered, and a couple who could not have children were blessed by God with children. A man suffering from a Brain Tumor was miraculously healed by the power of God. A man bitten by a poisonous snake was completely cured when the pastor prayed for him. PTL!
The healings and miracles are reported regularly by our pastors. A man suffering from paralysis has been healed and get around on his bicycle now. A woman suffering from blood-issue was taken to the doctors who gave no hope for her to live. She was brought to the church where the pastor. Kamalakar and few believers have fasted and prayed or 5 days. God has been merciful and healed her miraculously in a Lambadi village. A pastor / church-planter may be sponsored for $ 30 a month.
Reaching the unreached
We concentrate on reaching the unreached. High Caste gives high social status in society, but they could be just as poor as others. Once a church is planted, they really need a place of their own for worship. The local churches are not able to raise enough money for the lots and buildings. My heart has been heavy for this need since it is a growing need. I really need your prayers and support for church lots and buildings. A church lot, about 270 square yards, may be sponsored for $ 4,000 and a church building, about 75 – 120. The churches are growing spiritually as well as numerically. We rejoice in HIM as God's Kingdom is advancing. A pastor's monthly support is $30.


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